Patient-centric Design

Design and deliver solutions using smart technology for optimal impact and outreach.

Meaningful Connections

Empowering patients and providers to overcome barriers to managing therapy.

Real-World Results

Strategic partners with real-world insights driving behavior change.

Problems we solve

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We address unmet needs

of patients and HCPs to improve outcomes

I just don’t have time to fit one more thing in to my schedule...

1 out of 3people never fill their prescriptionsSee Our Solution

People underestimate the support they need to start new therapy...

3 out of 4Americans don’t take their medications as directedSee Our Solution

Patients lack knowledge and awareness of clinical trials...

80% of trials fail to meet initial patient enrollment quotasSee Our Solution

What we do

Who we help

Pharmaceutical / Biotech

We deliver Clinical Educator solutions that improve patient adherence and help providers ensure an effective patient start after the therapy decision has been made.

Public Health / Government

We deploy Clinical Educators to provide statewide education, prevention, and support for at risk patient populations and address unmet patient needs.

Medical Technology

We provide Clinical Educator Teams to provide training, education, and support for new technologies.

Institutions / Providers / Payers

We offer Clinical Educators to provide education and case management to improve patient outcomes.

How we do it

Clinical Educators

Strategy + Analytics

Patient-centric Engagement

From local presence to personalized support, we match our connections to patient needs

patients on therapy after 180 days

increase in patient confidence to start therapy

National Clinical Educators

Our Mission

Making real, personal connections that empower people to engage in their health.

We make real connections that lead to better outcomes

We put clients directly in touch with patients and providers in the real world, helping to create deep connections that offer rich insights that result in meaningful change.

We are a Great Place to Work

We are passionate, philanthropic, and patient-centric professionals who channel creativity to form a work environment that is fun and extraordinary.

We're Hiring


Our leadership drives innovation, instills trust and collaboration, and inspires our passion for educating and empowering patients and healthcare professionals.

What Others Have to Say

VMS has a strong reputation for being a great partner to your clients by becoming an extension of the brand and being incredibly easy to work with. It is clear you are the company we want to work with on this project.

Senior Manager, Patient Care, Pharmaceutical Client

It is clear your organization knows what they are doing. The talent and their approach to the business is so strong.

Area Sales Director, Pharmaceutical Client

As a brand, we knew we had significant barriers to overcome bringing the first injectable into an oral market, but the results using the VMS Educator solution were extraordinary.

Brand Leader, Pharmaceutical Client

Adhering to one's treatment regimen is essential for people to make their condition part of their life so they can live life to the fullest. A Clinical Nurse Educator program is a game changer in helping drive greater adherence and enabling patients to lead the lives they want.

Former VP, Pharmaceutical Client

Thank you for all of your hard work and the real support you provide patients. Your nurses are phenomenal; they are what make this program great.

Patient Experience Lead, Pharmaceutical Client

You are not just a number. You are a person and they know you.

Nurse Educator

The programs they provide for patients are much more comprehensive and meaningful.

Nurse Educator

As an educator, not only do I provide a service to the patient, but I feel supported by the company itself. When I have a problem or challenge, I can reach out, I will be heard, and responded to, and we will work as a team to resolve it. VMS is a wonderful opportunity.

Nurse Educator

I feel like VMS is much more responsive to my needs as an educator. I feel as though I have the supplies and support I need to be the best educator possible.

Nurse Educator

The VMS employees are extremely efficient, and their communication skills are excellent. They give excellent services to the Nurse Educators. They want us to succeed and give us the tools and training to do just that. Their response time to any queries is almost immediate.

Nurse Educator

A challenge the healthcare providers face in rural communities is access to other resources that are very valuable to linking patients to the resources they need.

Healthcare Provider

The importance of screening and detecting early is that we can link patients to care and resources earlier to prevent further outbreak and spread of the disease. And you can always visit our partner online pharmacy  and buy Levitra.

Healthcare Provider

VMS was a joy to work with. They have a lot of experience with Educator programs and it truly showed. VMS was extremely collaborative in the process of strategy development and Educator execution. The team was very responsive to any needs myself or Field Sales had. I honestly cannot think of a negative aspect of our partnership.

Global Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical Client

Educate. Empower. Unite.

Together, let’s unite to educate and empower each other to dismantle the inequalities that exist and rebuild a society that is fair and just for all.