Educate so they understand. Empower so they take control. Repeat so they succeed.

A partner for patients

We empower patients to take control of their diagnosis, healthcare professionals to offer high caliber care, and brands to make it all happen. Brands partner with us to provide solutions that make complex therapies easier to understand and simpler to use. We work synergistically with clients to provide holistic patient support initiatives that result in real behavior change.

Real behavior change begins with a relationship-based approach to patient engagement. That's why a well-designed and well-managed network of per diem educators can make the difference. Our Clinical Educators are best-in-class practicing clinicians who are connected to their communities, in touch with real world issues, and who effectively motivate and engage with people. We create local relationships on a national scale, leveraging our networks of more than 800 Clinical Educators to enable our patient support initiatives and professional engagement programs.

We combine our Clinical Educators’ experience and patient-centered approach with our unsurpassed client service, achieving renowned operational excellence. Our compliance center of excellence and quality plans set us apart from the competition. Sales personnel and healthcare professionals consistently share that our technology platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Our project management methodology helps us flawlessly execute complex initiatives on a broad scale. And our rigorous measurement plans quantify success throughout the process.

Empowering patients is at the heart of what we do, and at the center of our company culture. With a proven record of reaching more than a million patients and professionals, we put your brand at the forefront to put patients in control.