Behavior Change

Real engagement—real change

Real behavior change begins with patient engagement. At VMS, we help relieve the burden of a difficult diagnosis and assist with initiation of sustainable behavior change. Because we approach each solution through the lens of the patient, we understand that adherence to treatment requires commitment and motivation to change. Incorporating changes in behavior is an iterative and ongoing process, rather than a series of individual events. Patients differ in their “readiness” to change. Long-term behavior change resulting in long term adherence requires an investment in education, behavioral reinforcement, and patient support strategies throughout the continuum of care. 

Our approach to developing programs requiring significant behavior modification is built upon the widely recognized Health Belief Model (HBM). This framework recognizes that patients’ beliefs guide their understanding and response to disease. 

Our Clinical Educators are positioned to be a central point of contact and are experienced in building trusted relationships that engage, support, and motivate patients as they make the necessary changes to own and manage their disease.