Blended Learning

Influences. Connections. Frequency. Patient Needs.

Empowering through education

VMS employs a blended learning algorithm that factors in a brand’s strategic imperatives, market insights, environmental and social factors, key influencers, and a patient’s journey of care. We then integrate the findings to create opportunities for practical application and knowledge reinforcement. This multi-faceted process enables us to determine the right solution, in the right format, for the right patient.

Designing the solution:

Our programs are designed to meet patients where they are in their journey and to identify how best to move them forward with necessary behavior change. From concept to execution, the VMS instructional design team combines our marketing insights with adult learning theory to bring content to life. We tailor materials to specific learner characteristics, disease and treatment complexity, and delivery format. 

As a result, our learning solutions incorporate complementary tools and techniques that ultimately engage and motivate learners.