Performance measurement

Performance Measurement

Quantifying successful empowerment

A strong and effective measurement plan is dependent on identifying program goals and objectives prior to launching an initiative. 

VMS market research and account teams work upfront to define overall program goals by evaluating operational and strategic objectives within each stage of the program. This allows for more accurate assessment of where attention should be focused and is an integral component to ensuring our initiatives deliver the intended value throughout the entire patient journey.

VMS utilizes five key steps when creating a robust measurement plan: 

  1. Defining objectives of program relative to brand strategies
  2. Determining metrics for assessment
  3. Creating a detailed data collection plan
  4. Collecting accurate and timely data
  5. Reporting robust data, insights, and recommendations

VMS documents results at every stage of the project, delivering data via customized reports and dashboards, showcasing program value and impact within the client’s organization. 

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