Patient Support Initiatives

Comfort. Caring

Helping patients help themselves

Real behavior change begins with patient engagement. We listen, we educate, we train…we empower. Supporting patients is our passion. We thrive on making complex treatments easier to understand and simpler to use. 

Our support initiatives are designed to meet patients where they are and to help them succeed. We design holistic patient relationship management programs to affirm brands are integrated into the daily routines of patients—building brand loyalty and improving patient outcomes. We accomplish this by recognizing the stakeholders and influencers who have the greatest impact on patient care, identifying the key messages that will resonate with both real and perceived concerns, and implementing the most effective vehicle for information and education to reach patients where they are.

VMS partners with brand leaders support patients by providing: 

  • Patient and caregiver educational programs: clinical Educators provide hands-on training and education in both group and one-on-one settings, ensuring comprehension and confidence in addressing lifestyle changes related to a new or complex therapy regimen
  • Patient follow-up programs: full-time registered nurses follow up with patients to answer key questions, gauge compliance, and address challenges or barriers to treatment
  • Patient-to-patient connections: patients with personal experience with a disease who relate to other patients about their shared condition and how to cope with treatment and lifestyle changes 
  • On-demand customer care support: inbound/outbound call center offering support for patients and HCPs from full-time registered nurses and customer care specialists available for questions, educational resources, and training refreshers
  • Community outreach programs: grassroots initiatives raising disease awareness and providing education to at-risk populations
  • Virtual training: live webinars with Q&A sessions hosted by a Nurse Partner, recorded webcasts, and other forms of virtual training for both HCPs and patients
  • Patient assessments and reminders: ongoing patient engagement via phone, text, and virtual tools
  • Clinical trial support: patient enrollment, adherence programs, follow-up, and support

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