Professional Engagement

Educate. Motivate. Engage.

Empowerment tools for all

Understanding and engaging the healthcare professionals (HCPs) who impact the patient is essential to improving outcomes. Our customized solutions motivate, educate, and leverage peer networks to facilitate earlier diagnosis and education in complex therapeutic areas. 

Engagement strategy:

We dig deep to understand the physician perspective in order to customize an engagement strategy: 

  • KOL identification and influence mapping
  • Identifying physician insights/perspectives
  • Defining treatment flow and recommendations
  • Identifying barriers and perceptions to treatment
  • Defining awareness and education opportunities
  • Advisor relationship management and communications 

HCP engagement:

Clinical Educators provide HCPs, nurses, and office staff with additional disease state education, training, and teaching strategies to enhance patient-provider interactions.

  • Clinical Educator to office staff or other HCP education and training programs
  • Disease state management programs
  • Train-the-trainer programs