Amidst COVID-19 Crisis, VMS is Continuing to Meet the Needs of Patients and Providers for Education and Support

As COVID-19 brings sweeping changes to our nation and world, the lives of the patients we provide support and education to at VMS BioMarketing have become drastically different. The current health situation has been disruptive to businesses and healthcare providers across the globe, and we wanted to share the facts about what we're doing at VMS.
The work of our Clinical Educator teams continues. "In fact, within less than one week, 100% of our face-to-face education programs were converted to a telephonic and virtual model," said Samuel Watson RPh, Vice President of Field Educator Networks.

"We are putting the health of patients, providers and Clinical Educator teams first," said Andrea Heslin Smiley, President and CEO. "We immediately halted all airline travel and swiftly put our telephonic and virtual model in place so that patient education would not be disrupted. We moved employees to work remotely in a thoughtful, planned manner. Our client services teams along with Clinical Educators are engaged and motivated, excited about their ability to continue helping the people who depend on us," she said.

One VMS Clinical Educator said, "Thank you so much for acting so rapidly. I've only been part of the VMS team a short while, but I am very impressed and look forward to a long relationship!" Another said, "I just want to commend you and everyone at VMS for being so proactive and caring about your educators and the patients they educate. Other companies are not doing close to what VMS is to help out. The support is fantastic, and I am so proud to be part of this team."

"Yesterday, a Clinical Educator had an appointment with a 93-year-old woman for whom it would not be safe to meet with in person," said Watson. "We brainstormed with the family and transitioned the education program to telephonic, with her daughter receiving careful instructions on how to help her mother inject her medication."

Many of the people for whom VMS provides education and support are chronically ill or elderly, and we are committed to continuing our education programs utilizing telephonic education, Facetime, Skype – whatever best meets the needs of patients. "We have long had this model in place. Now we are piloting new technologies to allow people who cannot speak to electronically communicate with us, looking in every way to be the eyes and ears for the patient," said Watson.

"We thank our clients who quickly embraced the innovative concepts we proposed, said Watson. "In light of the chaos that people may be experiencing at the moment, the VMS Clinical Educator can be a consistent and caring source of support."

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