Clinical Nurse Educators help people face and manage a chronic disease

According to a recent study in JAMA Cardiology1, the Medicare Shared Savings Program failed to improve medication use or increase adherence among patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Researchers said, "Our findings suggest that incentives in the Medicare Shared Savings Program to improve disease control and lower hospitalization rates and nondrug spending for patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes have not been associated with meaningful increases in medication use and adherence."

"There is no single formula to improve medication adherence," said Abigail Mallon, senior VP of innovation and strategy at VMS BioMarketing. "Previous research has shown that nearly 70% of nonadherence is due to behavioral issues. VMS BioMarketing Clinical Nurse Educators have achieved significant results tackling the problem of medication nonadherence by making a personal, emotional connection with patients along their journey, offering the right support at the right time to successfully change behavior."

VMS Clinical Nurse Educators are licensed, credentialed healthcare professionals with additional specialized training to provide patient education around lifestyle and behavior modification. They help patients understand how the medication will benefit them, how it works, what to expect, and how to fit the regimen into their busy daily life. Clinical Nurse Educators directly impact patient behavior by:

Understanding the patient's perspective through a personal connection and two-way communicationBuilding patient trust and confidence to address the difficulties in making and sustaining healthy lifestyle changesFacilitating self-management practicesEngaging the patient in decision making and self-accountabilityTeaching goal setting and problem-solving skills"People facing a chronic disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer often feel isolated and unsupported," said Mallon. "Clinical Nurse Educators act as health coaches, using a motivational interviewing style to personalize the conversation based on what is relevant to the patient, and they help patients overcome both emotional and clinical barriers associated with starting and staying on therapy."

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