Leadership Q&A with Aaron Spence


What’s the best thing about working at VMS?
The culture. I’ve been a part of many company cultures over the years and the culture of VMS is unsurpassed. I have never experienced a healthier culture where it’s an amazing mix of working hard and celebrating success. Everyone is willing to jump in and help whenever needed as we work together to meet our clients’ needs. We celebrate everything and it feels good to be a part of the VMS family. It is a fun place to be!

Why do you do what you do?
The best part of my role is I feel the work I do and the decisions I make have a direct impact on the business. Since our programs provide impactful and needed assistance to patients in various therapeutic areas, I have great satisfaction in the work I do. I also enjoy the people aspect of the work I do at VMS. In my role, I get to help develop and run programs that really help people – patients and healthcare providers alike. I also get to work with an amazing group of coworkers who make the work enjoyable and satisfying.

Why is VMS the best choice for a pharma or biotech client to assist with adherence programs?
VMS has incomparable experience within the Clinical Educator program space, and expertise in a wide range of therapeutic categories. The specialized services we provide help people better understand their conditions and the importance of sticking with the doctor-prescribed therapies. From live programs to telephonic, HCP to patient-facing, we excel at delivering a solution that is designed to address unmet patient needs. The degree to which we specialize and customize our services makes us very unique and unlike anything else that’s available in the market.

What do you do to ensure you keep growing as a leader?
I have always had a desire to improve and learn more. Being humble and having an awareness of my limitations has helped me focus on opportunities for growth while simultaneously utilizing my strengths to best serve our clients. The healthcare industry is constantly changing. I work to stay abreast of these changes to ensure we are flexible enough to meet the needs of patients within our programs as they progress through their healthcare journey.

What do you want your legacy to be?
I want to be known as someone who made an impact to those around me in a way that is exemplified through acts of kindness and a passion for people. Someone who was known as a constant professional while still approaching business/life with a positive spirit and the desire to make people smile.

What hobbies or interests do you enjoy when you aren’t working?
I enjoy playing hockey and golf and watching most sports on TV, especially when the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Indianapolis Colts are playing. I like to spend quality time with family and friends whenever possible, anything from taking trips to spending an evening playing euchre.


Aaron Spence is Director of Strategic Account Management. He joined VMS in 2017.