Leadership Q&A with Jessica Reckamp

What attracted you to VMS BioMarketing?

After moving to Indianapolis in 2010 and job-hunting for three months, I googled “top place to work in Indianapolis,” and VMS surfaced. That day, I applied! I received an interview and an offer, and I eventually accepted a position. Functioning in the pharma space, VMS was much different than where I thought I would end up, but I was immediately interested because of the ability to make a difference in helping so many people through our work. Eight years later, I still love being part of the VMS team!

How do you ensure you continue to grow as a leader?

With the healthcare landscape rapidly changing, I make it a priority to stay abreast of current events and daily news. I consider how the current landscape, whether in the pharma industry or otherwise, can be impacted in a positive way by what we do at VMS. Once I have an idea, I bounce ideas off others and see what sticks, then work to make it happen. Reading books and articles on leadership helps me strive to find additional ways to grow. I also love to engage with interesting people and mentors outside of VMS to understand what they have done to grow within their organization. Having the right mentors is a great help in your professional career.

Why should pharma companies choose VMS?

I believe VMS is the best choice for a pharma or biotech client needing assistance with adherence programs for two main reasons. First, everyone here at VMS is 100% passionate about what we do. Because of this passion, the team works to think of every “out-of-the-box” way to connect with patients, and ultimately this leads to better outcomes. Second, VMS is so easy to work with! We are not a large corporation that takes weeks to respond or change direction; we are agile, more nimble and can make things happen for our clients quickly.

How do you “live” the VMS core values?

I love that VMS supports sharing of one’s gifts because I spend a lot of time giving back to the community when I am not in the office. I love working in a place that supports the idea that well-rounded individuals do more than just work! Currently, I serve as President of the Board of Summer Stock Stage here in Indianapolis, which is a musical theater nonprofit for high school students. I also sit on the Jewish Community Center Planning Committee, the JCC Early Childhood Education Task Force, and other committees.

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?

I consider Harriet Tubman to be the “coolest lady ever,” and I would love to have dinner with her if ever given the chance. When I was little, I even told my parents I thought I was once Ms. Tubman in a former life.   


Jessica Reckamp is Senior Director of Business Development at VMS BioMarketing. She is pictured here with her husband, John. Children August (3) and Grace (5) complete the family.