Leadership Q&A with Lauren Dwyer

What first attracted you to VMS?

The passion for the VMS mission is what first attracted me to the company. With each interview, I spoke with someone even more passionate than the last. The best work comes from devoted people who are truly zealous about the work they do and are all committed to a common goal. I felt that excitement from everyone. The three “Great Place to Work” awards didn’t hurt either.

Why do you do what you do?

First and foremost – the patient. Healthcare and health challenges can be scary and overwhelming. Most everyone can either personally relate to or is closely connected to someone who has experienced this fear. To have a part in helping a patient navigate through his or her therapy keeps me motivated every day. Second – the client. I deeply value the ongoing opportunities to sit down with clients, understand their goals and objectives, and collaborate on the best solution for the business and the patient.

Why is VMS the best choice for a pharma or biotech client to assist with adherence programs?

This is what VMS DOES; adherence programs are 110% our focus, and I believe we are unquestionably the best at it. While VMS has years of experience and a deep understanding of successful ways to engage with patients and health care providers, we also recognize that each client’s needs are different. We value the opportunity to work closely with clients to create customized programs that will best support their objectives, and we have an outstanding Strategic Account Management team.

What do you do to ensure you keep growing as a leader/innovator?

Have curiosity. Being curious about the healthcare industry allows us to have a constant pulse on patient adherence programs. You must be curious about how to do something better or different in order to be an innovator. Be eager to learn about the lives and work styles of the people you work with – this allows for stronger relationships, which leads to even better work.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

Oprah Winfrey. She has interviewed almost every incredible, interesting person, living and deceased, so she could fill me in on all of those discussions.


Lauren Dwyer joined the VMS team in 2018 as Director, Strategic Account Management. Prior to VMS, Lauren held multiple account leadership positions at top advertising agencies in Chicago, IL., working with multinational brands on customer and creative strategy, retail marketing, brand launches, and regional marketing efforts. Lauren received her BA from Indiana University.