Leadership Q&A: Neal Rothermel

Neal Rothermel is principal officer of VMS BioMarketing. He co-founded the company nearly 20 years ago with the idea to create an innovative business focused on the growing needs of clients in highly regulated fields.

Why do you believe what you do makes a difference?

The heart of what we do at VMS is empowering patients, and this is how I believe we make a difference. We do this by always seeking to understand individual patient needs and then tailoring solutions to meet these needs. We make a difference every day with every patient who learns to take responsibility for his or her health and avert the course of chronic disease.

What do you do to help build the culture of innovation at VMS?

My favorite role is to act as the Chief Culture Officer. Building the right culture is very important in attracting the best talent. We have numerous Innovation Labs throughout the year to help us solve our business challenges. Annually, we come together as a company to celebrate our successes from these labs. And while we do celebrate success, fear of failure cannot stop us from trying new ideas-it's the only way we can continue to be innovative.

My job is to create the best atmosphere of caring and support, as well as ensure we take time for fun and celebration. I do my best to provide a setting and environment that is open to new ideas and innovation. This includes everything from the design of our workspaces and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork to making sure innovation is rewarded. How we take care of our people is a reflection of how our people treat patients and other customers.

How do you help others to live the VMS core values?

I help foster the VMS core values by making sure they are alive in the organization every day. Our core values are not just words; they do truly describe what it means to be part of this organization. One of our core values is to make our clients look like heroes. Our organization exemplifies this by staying on the leading edge of best practices in the industry. Another core value is superior performance. I help make this a reality by providing an environment that welcomes new ideas and where we continually challenge one another to improve.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the team we have been able to attract. The people we've brought together represent some of the best and brightest in the industry, and they're passionate about supporting and empowering patients. Our team is our best advertisement for our mission and values-they truly make them a reality.