Leadership Q&A: Sam Watson

Sam Watson, RPh, is National Director of Field Operations at VMS BioMarketing. After serving as a consultant for several years, he joined the VMS team in February 2014 to oversee the company's network of full-time field educators.

What first attracted you to VMS?

I spent many years of my career in the pharmaceutical industry working at Eli Lilly, where I met Andi Smiley, President and CEO of VMS BioMarketing. What drew me to VMS initially was the overall, noticeable high quality of the work that is always being done here, a feature which I think can be traced to the leadership and the vision of the company. VMS enables me to seek out new challenges and also provides me with the necessary resources to take them on.

Why do you believe what you do makes a difference?

One of the most special benefits I get to experience working at VMS is the ability to visibly impact people's lives for the better - you can clearly see the result of what you're doing when you witness a positive change in a patient's life you helped bring about. In a broader sense, the educator networks at VMS undeniably change lives; they bring the right combination of people together, something that I find makes a huge difference as a pharmacist.

What do you think are the best ways to tackle the growing concern of medication adherence?

I think it all comes back to empowering patients. Empowerment means giving patients insights into their disease in a world where increasingly little time is spent with them or on their behalf. If a patient has the right information delivered in the right way at the right time, this will likely enhance adherence. This is much like giving a patient the What, Why and How about their treatment.

What makes VMS an amazing place to work?

I have the freedom and autonomy to create within the parameters of my work. I am able to define my vision and build the implementation plan for it. I love the ability I have at VMS to experience the thrill and the chase of competition on behalf of clients. I am enormously fond of the culture at VMS, which allows you to develop new skills instead of just building upon pre-existing skills. I appreciate an atmosphere that stimulates debate, where people feel free to be able to say, "Here?s what's wrong with this approach"; this enables us to truly improve as a company and as individuals.

What is your favorite film?

A lot of my favorite movies are ones starring Adam Sandler. I also like the Bourne Trilogy and the movie, Taken.

What other hobbies or interests do you have?

I really enjoy working on just about anything with a motor - my son is an engineer so I have a great connection with him in that regard.