New Head of VMS Customer Experience Center Fuses Technology with Empathy


The day Bradley Garrett learned about a job opening as VMS BioMarketing’s Vice President, Customer Experience Center, he told a friend, "That’s exactly what I want to do." The next day, he interviewed for the position.

During the recruitment process, Brad assessed the company as thoroughly as the company assessed him. The vibe was positive, open and welcoming. "There was a strong sense of urgency to identify and bring in the best talent – not just for this role, but for all roles," he said. Now, as VP of Customer Experience, Brad and his team of telephonic Clinical Educators, nurses and support personnel deliver on the promise to provide education and training to patients and HCP customers that meets the strategic objectives of clients, with measurable results and the highest-quality service.

"Telephonic health coaching is the fastest growing segment of our industry," said Brad. "I believe the work we do makes a direct and positive impact on patients. Our educator team genuinely cares about each and every person on the phone. They make it personal. They put themselves in the patient’s shoes. They want to be the one who helps that patient feel supported, knowledgeable and, ultimately, motivated to remain on their healthcare journey."

Numerous research studies have documented the effectiveness of telephonic health coaching. With its state-of-the-art contact center technology, the VMS Customer Experience Center is supporting more patients in more ways than ever before. "As a society, we are busier and more mobile, and we want the institutions we work with to meet us where we are," said Brad. "I believe the need for relationship-based health coaching matched to patient need (web, phone, text, video, etc.), utilizing live, caring clinicians to support patients, will continue its strong upward trend."

Before joining VMS, Brad held a variety of progressively responsible leadership roles at Allegion (formerly Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies) including execution of a go-to-market strategy for the project-based construction channel as well as oversight of IT with an emphasis on the organization’s digital transformation strategy. He was also responsible for building the Customer Care Operations team which included the contact center process, technology, and reporting as well as customer experience. Possessing a strong technical background, throughout his career he has applied a customer and client-focused mindset with data and analytics to solve problems in support of business goals. His leadership roles in client service, sales implementation, and operations give him an extraordinary ability to find solid, customized solutions that streamline and enhance services at every level of an organization.

"VMS marries its nearly flawlessly executed Clinical Educator programs with systems, approaches and fresh ideas to meet patients where they are. Our competitors are often taking something off the shelf, whereas we are responding to patients’ needs with customized and tailored solutions. The culture of VMS, level of talent, genuine care for the work we do is second to none. It starts at the top and goes all the way down."