Psoriasis Awareness Month: It’s Not Just the Skin

As we wrap up Psoriasis Awareness Month this August, it’s a great opportunity to offer a few important facts about the disease.

Psoriasis is a genetic skin disease where your immune system causes your skin cells to reproduce too quickly. Whereas a normal skin cell...


What is the best diet?

Here's what a VMS Clinical Nurse Educator has to say on the subject.

By Susan Cuellar, BSN, RN, CDE, CHC

What do you recommend to your patients when they ask you, “What is the best diet”?  “Should I try the keto...


Leadership Q&A with Lissa Mays, RN

What first attracted you to VMS?
When I first learned about this job opening, all the research I did on VMS...


From Nurse to Educator: Tips for Making the Transition from Bedside Nurse to Nurse Educator

By Mary Schmalfeldt, RN, Clinical Nurse Educator, VMS BioMarketing

As a nurse, you play many roles in healthcare, but one of the most lasting and impactful roles is that of a patient educator. After years of working solely with face-to-face communication...


Connecting with the Newly Diagnosed Patient

By Lori Gudat RN, FNP-C, CDE
VMS BioMarketing Clinical Nurse Educator

When meeting with newly diagnosed patients for the first time, it is very important to first assess where they are emotionally. If patients have fears about the diagnosis or...


New Tobias Leadership Center program will connect students, faculty with executive leaders

INDIANAPOLIS --- A new Executive in Residence Program in the Randall L. Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence at Indiana University will provide students and faculty access to seasoned leaders.

The Executive in Residence will reach across schools and disciplines at...