7 Ways to Support Families of Alzheimers Patients

By Megan Wesenberg, RN, MSN-CN
Clinical Nurse Educator at VMS BioMarketing

During this National Alzheimer's Awareness Month, I've been reflecting on the many fond memories I have of my grandmother when I was a young child. She was our primary babysitter while my...


A Bad Traffic Jam - how HCPs can explain the correlation between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

By Lola Cunico, RN, BS, CDE

During this American Diabetes Month, I wanted to share my thoughts on one way that healthcare professionals can explain to patients the correlation between diabetes and heart disease.

People who have type 2 diabetes usually have...


Easing the journey for a newly-diagnosed breast cancer patient

By Tami Moscatiello, RN, BSN, OCN
Clinical Educator Supervisor

The initial diagnosis of breast cancer can be the most difficult part of a patient's journey. It may be both shocking and overwhelming, full of uncertainty and feelings of vulnerability. As an...


The Increasing Importance of Patient Adherence and Real Patient Connections Amidst COVID-19

A presentation by VMS BioMarketing President and CEO Andrea Heslin Smiley at the CBI HUB, SPP and eServices Virtual Conference

View video...


From Worrier to Warrior

Kate* suffered for years from chronic pain, and more recently it began affecting her everyday life. She was only in her early 30s; however, her body was not cooperating, and she was unable to do the normal daily activities she once found so easy. The little things like...


Are you new to the field of patient education? Remember these 4 tips.

I remember my first Clinical Nurse Educator job like it was yesterday. I was so eager to learn everything I could about the immunotherapy agent I would be teaching patients and healthcare professionals to use. I love to teach and, looking back, the two most important lessons...