One in Seven: Rheumatology Patient Nonadherence During COVID-19

By Nolan Brown, Butler University, VMS BioMarketing Intern

September is Rheumatic Disease Month, and, while these patients always face challenges, the rise of COVID-19 has created an even more difficult environment for them. When living in an immunocompromised state...


Psoriasis and Depression: The Lesser-Known Impact of the Disease

By Nolan Brown, Marketing Intern, Butler University

VMS BioMarketingPsoriasis is a chronic...


The Impact of COVID-19 on Alzheimers Treatment and Diagnosis

By Aimee Rice, PharmD
Contract Clinical Educator at VMS BioMarketing

Our brain is the gatekeeper of our thoughts. It houses fond memories, painful struggles, and funny anecdotes that shape and give meaning to our lives. Not only does it help us navigate our...


Let's Talk Bone Health

By Katie Driessens, RD, LDN, CDE, CLC
Contract Clinical Educator at VMS BioMarketing

During this National Osteoporosis Month, I wanted share some information about bone health that has been very helpful to patients, caregivers, and anyone else in a position to...


Healthy Living - Why is Proper Nutrition so Important?

By Liza Maricle, BSN, RN
Supervisor, Clinical Support

For many, gone are the days of sitting around the table to a fresh home-cooked meal. Due to the high demands on our time, rushing here and there, many individuals and families have little time to plan and...


For People with Rare Diseases, it is Often a Long and Winding Road

By Jill Doran, BA, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator

The patient journey is rarely linear; for those with a rare disease, it may be winding and complex, confusing and even chaotic.

For anyone navigating through the healthcare system, it may be a journey...