Healthy Living – Why is Proper Nutrition so Important?

By Liza Maricle, BSN, RN
Supervisor, Clinical Support

For many, gone are the days of sitting around the table to a fresh home-cooked...


Rare Disease - A Long and Winding Journey

For People with Rare Diseases, it is Often a Long and Winding Road

By Jill Doran, BA, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator



Men and Women – Heart Attack Symptoms May Differ

VMS Clinical Educators are passionate about improving heart health

By Kristen Long, BSN, RN, Manager, Clinical Support



10 Tips to Help Others Get Back on Track with Therapy and Lifestyle Goals

By Susan Cuellar, BSN, RN, CDE, CHC

What advice would you give to someone who told you this: “I definitely fell off the wagon over the holidays. I was so busy, I did not have time to exercise, and I gained ten pounds. I am so discouraged.”


Tips for Clinicians Helping People with Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be an ongoing challenge for millions of people. During this Diabetes Awareness Month, we asked a few of our VMS BioMarketing Certified Diabetes Educators® to answer three questions about helping people with diabetes. READ MORE

From Worrier to Warrior: The Positive Proof of Telephonic Nurse Education

Kate* suffered for years from chronic pain, and more recently it began affecting her everyday life. She was only in her early 30s; however, her body was not cooperating, and she was unable to do the normal daily activities she once found so easy. The little things like...