Healthy Living – Why is Proper Nutrition so Important?

By Liza Maricle, BSN, RN
VMS BioMarketing Supervisor, Clinical Support

For many, gone are the days of sitting around the table to a fresh home-cooked meal. Due to the high demands on our time, rushing here and there, many individuals and...


Leadership Q&A with Aaron Spence


What’s the best thing about working at VMS?
The culture. I’ve been a part of many company cultures over the years and the culture of VMS is unsurpassed. I have never experienced a healthier culture where it’s an amazing...


Leadership Q&A with Lauren Dwyer

What first attracted you to VMS?

The passion for the VMS mission is what first attracted me to the company. With each interview, I spoke with someone even more passionate than the last. The best work comes...


Leadership Q&A with Jessica Reckamp

What attracted you to VMS BioMarketing?

After moving to Indianapolis in 2010 and job-hunting for three months, I googled “top place to work in Indianapolis,” and VMS surfaced. That day, I applied! I received an interview and an offer, and...


Education - the Powerful Key to Taking on a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

By Shari Bates, BSN, RN, OCN, CCM, VMS BioMarketing Clinical Nurse Educator

The healthcare journey can be one full of uncertainty and vulnerability for a patient. As an oncology nurse specializing in breast cancer, I have witnessed these struggles...


Leadership Q&A: Valerie Kinman

Valerie Kinman
Senior Director, Quality and Network Operations

What attracted you to VMS BioMarketing?
Clearly, I am a fan of the company since I have been here for over 17 years! What keeps me here is the team atmosphere...