Healthy Living – Why is Proper Nutrition so Important?

By Liza Maricle, BSN, RN
VMS BioMarketing Supervisor, Clinical Support

For many, gone are the days of sitting around the table to a fresh home-cooked meal. Due to the high demands on our time, rushing here and there, many individuals and...


Leadership Q&A with Lauren Dwyer

What first attracted you to VMS?

The passion for the VMS mission is what first attracted me to the company. With each interview, I spoke with someone even more passionate than the last. The best work comes...


Leadership Q&A with Jessica Reckamp

What attracted you to VMS BioMarketing?

After moving to Indianapolis in 2010 and job-hunting for three months, I googled “top place to work in Indianapolis,” and VMS surfaced. That day, I applied! I received an interview and an offer, and...


Education - the Powerful Key to Taking on a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

By Shari Bates, BSN, RN, OCN, CCM, VMS BioMarketing Clinical Nurse Educator

The healthcare journey can be one full of uncertainty and vulnerability for a patient. As an oncology nurse specializing in breast cancer, I have witnessed these struggles...


Leadership Q&A: Valerie Kinman

Valerie Kinman
Senior Director, Quality and Network Operations

What attracted you to VMS BioMarketing?
Clearly, I am a fan of the company since I have been here for over 17 years! What keeps me here is the team atmosphere...


My Clinical Nurse Educator is my New Bestie

By Bridget Bundy, BSN, RN, CDE

Bridget Bundy works as a Clinical Nurse Educator for VMS BioMarketing in the Midwest region. She has provided patient and professional education for more than 10 years, working within two large hospital systems and a global device...