Where we connect

We connect in so many ways — from face-to-face to digital engagement. We make meaningful connections by deeply understanding the patient journey and unmet patient needs.

We meet patients where they are

How we connect

We communicate with physicians and patients like never before.

In Person

Clinical Telephonic Support

Mobile Engagement

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Strategy + Analytics

Each solution we deliver is purposefully designed with a deep understanding of the customer experience at its core. VMS offers a best-in-class business analytics platform that captures the essential information to predict and manage program effectiveness using the following methods:

Real-world Insights

Deep connections that offer rich insights and meaningful change.

Predictive Analytics

Best-in-class analytics platform to optimize program effectiveness.

Real-time Data and Reporting

Robust suite of on demand customized reports and dashboards.

Adherence Data

33% increase in patient persistency.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics

99% overall customer patient satisfaction.

Performance and Optimization

95% increase in confidence to start therapy.

Our focus is on patients: understanding their wants, needs, and goals. We then partner with brands and healthcare providers to put those insights into action.

VMS documents results at every stage of the project, delivering data via customized reports and dashboards, showcasing program value and impact within the client's organization. We work in synergy with our clients to develop programs and patient relationship strategies that ensure successful customer engagement and patient outcomes.

Patient-centric Engagement

We make personal, emotional connections with patients along their journey, offering the education and support at the right time to achieve successful behavior change.

Insight mapping

Our connections with patients are purposefully designed using a proven behavior change methodology. We utilize our rich data collected from over a million patient and provider engagements to map out the patient journey, combining it with our client's brand goals to craft customized, targeted solutions that lead to better outcomes.

Instructional design

From concept to execution, our instructional design team combines stakeholder insights with motivational interviewing and adult learning theories. This enables our Clinical Educators to meet patients where they are and facilitate behavior change. We work in synergy with our clients to develop programs and solutions that ensure effective engagement and patient outcomes.

patients on therapy after 180 days

patient satisfaction after engaging with a Clinical Educator

Quality Assurance

With the use of our proactive Compliance Program, Privacy and Security teams, and experienced Clinical Educators, we are able to maintain fully compliant and satisfactory partnerships.

Fully compliant

Our Compliance Program is designed to proactively mitigate risk and reduce non-compliant behavior. Rooted in seven elements of an effective compliance program, our program includes ongoing training, communication with our team, fostering an open environment for transparency, self-reporting, and a disciplinary process.

Patient privacy

After conducting thousands of patient programs and supporting HIPAA clients, our Privacy and Security Teams are experienced in implementing necessary business processes and policies to protect sensitive data. With oversight from our Privacy and Security Officers, we attest to full compliance with and adherence to all privacy and security rules.

hours annual compliance training

compliance rating across all programs

Quality and satisfaction

A well-trained Clinical Educator is a key element in achieving the highest level of patient satisfaction and quality of service. We provide our Clinical Educators with multifaceted and holistic training including instruction on adult learning principles, motivational interviewing, and health coaching approaches for sustained behavior change. This is in addition to robust core training curriculum, strategic partnerships and collaboration with client's legal and regulatory teams to ensure the highest quality program execution.