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The biotechnology industry uses advances in genetics research to develop products for human diseases and conditions. This section includes news on pharmaceutical companies, mergers and acquisitions, drug development, export and import of drugs, legislation, advertising and influence.

What ingredients are in vaccines?
In this Special Feature article, we explore the various components that go into modern vaccines and discuss the purpose of these ingredients.

More batches of common hypertension drug taken off the market
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is withdrawing more batches of Losartan potassium tablets, USP and Losartan potassium/hydrochlorothiazide tablets, USP.

New drug relieves acute migraine in clinical trial
The results of a large phase III trial show that the novel drug rimegepant can relieve pain and other symptoms of acute migraine with minimal side effects.

Switching off this enzyme reversed prediabetes in mice
A new study shows that deactivating an enzyme that alters ceramides can prevent insulin resistance and fatty liver as well as reverse prediabetes in mice.

How vitamin D helps fight treatment-resistant cancer
Two active forms of vitamin D can kill treatment-resistant cancer cells by blocking a way that the cells pump out chemotherapy drugs, a new study shows.

Why scientists are searching the ocean for new drugs
Medical researchers are increasingly turning their attention to the ocean in their search for new drugs. In this Spotlight, we ask why.

What are the side effects and risks of Ritalin?
Ritalin (methylphenidate) is a stimulant medication for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. Ritalin can cause side effects and has the potential for misuse and addiction. Researchers are investigating the long-term safety and effectiveness of this drug in children and adolescents. Learn more here.

Synthetic CBD may be a safe treatment for seizures
A nonintoxicating, synthetic CBD that is not easy to convert to THC and comprises inexpensive, noncannabis ingredients treated seizures safely in rats.

What to know about clindamycin
Clindamycin is an antibiotic drug. This article provides an overview of clindamycin, including what it can treat, how much doctors recommend taking, and possible adverse effects and interactions.

Scientists discover anti-aging potential in old drug
The discovery of a second cell target for the immunosuppressant rapamycin could help its development as an anti-aging, neuroprotective drug.

Novel Alzheimer's drug passes first phase of human testing
A drug that tackles toxic protein buildup in Alzheimer's disease in a novel way has passed phase 1 of clinical trials, which tests safety in humans.

Can a blood pressure drug protect the brain from Parkinson's?
At blood levels that are typical in humans, an approved high blood pressure drug was able to clear toxic proteins of Parkinson's disease from mouse brains.

Seaweed extract may help design new drugs
Drug resistance is a large and growing problem. On the hunt for fresh sources of drugs, scientists have turned to the seaweed in underwater forests.

Diabetes: Could targeting this protein prevent hypoglycemia?
Could targeting the protein neuronostatin prevent or treat dangerous low blood sugar in people with diabetes who use insulin? A new study investigates.

Fish slime: An answer to antibiotic resistance?
Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly pressing issue for humanity. A recent study dives into the constituents of fish slime to hunt for new antibiotics.

Heart failure: New drug could halt disease and improve heart function
A molecule that stops two proteins from interacting and impairing heart function halted heart failure and improved heart pumping capacity in rats.

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News Releases

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New Head of VMS Customer Experience Center Fuses Technology With Empathy
Posted on Tuesday October 22, 2019

Telephonic Health Coaching the Fastest-Growing Segment of the Industry

VMS BioMarketing Announces Appointment of Brion Brandes as SVP of Business Development
Posted on Wednesday July 31, 2019

Attracting Top Talent Will Enable VMS to Continue Expanding Its Clinical Nurse Educator Programs to Help More Patients Served by the Biopharma Industry

Lori Gudat, Clinical Nurse Educator at VMS BioMarketing, Discusses How Nurse Educators Help Patients Come to Terms With a Medical Diagnosis
Posted on Thursday May 09, 2019

How Clinical Nurse Educators help patients transition through stages from denial about their illness through to acceptance

New Business Development VP Karen Josey Will Build Awareness of Clinical Educators to Improve Patient Compliance as VMS BioMarketing Moves Into Phase II-IV Clinical Trial Space
Posted on Wednesday January 16, 2019

Helping Patients Set Healthy Goals for the New Year
Posted on Wednesday January 02, 2019

VMS BioMarketing Clinical Educator Teresita Buenrostro shares how to help patients improve self-management of chronic illnesses

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VMS has experienced more than two decades of success by strategically partnering with our clients to continually provide best-in-class service. We have been recognized for our key contributions and impressive growth.

Selected as a finalist in the PM360 Trailblazer Awards in the Persistence/Adherence category for our efforts supporting patients in their use of prescribed treatment. 

VMS President and CEO Andrea Heslin Smiley was named one of PharmaVOICE Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People based on her many contributions to the life sciences industry. 

For the third consecutive year, rated a Great Place to Work® by the experts who produce FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work For® list

Named one of the 2017 Best Workplaces for Giving Back by Fortune magazine and a Great Place to Work
Selected by Fortune magazine as one of the "100 Best Medium Workplaces" in America, with rankings based on anonymous surveys from more than 52,000 employees at Great Place to Work®-certified companies
Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine recognized VMS BioMarketing as one of the 100 Best Workplaces for Women
Selected as a "Most Valuable Patient Initiative" Finalist and a "Most Valuable HCP Initiative" Finalist at the 2017 Eyeforpharma Awards
Named three times as one of Inc. 500's "Fastest Growing Companies in America"
Recognized by a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client with a "Global Supplier of the Year" award
Recognized by the Edward Lowe Foundation as one of the "Indiana Companies to Watch" in 2008
Recognized by Working Mother magazine in 2008 as a Top 25 outstanding family-friendly company
Received "Family Friendly Workplace" award from the Indiana Youth Institute in 2008
Highlighted as a "Growth 100" company by the Kelley School of Business Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Selected as one of Ernst and Young's "Entrepreneur of the Year" finalists
Listed in the top five of the Best Places to Work in Indiana three years in a row