Abigail provides the strategic direction, thought leadership, and vision necessary to innovate on all client-facing products and services.

Over the past 19 years, Abigail has played an instrumental role in the growth of VMS. She led the development and execution of the company's first Clinical Educator network to provide patient support programs, and has since overseen the journey to the current offering of multiple networks and programs across numerous device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare brands.

A seasoned executive with bio brands, she has developed a product innovation program at VMS that includes a handbook of tools and regular labs that create a culture of innovation. She has spoken on this topic at industry conferences, including the Notre Dame Innovation Practitioner Conference. She works constantly to stay on top of patient needs and market trends that drive innovation in providing best-in-class Clinical Nurse Educator solutions.

With in-depth knowledge of pharma-related compliance laws and regulations such as PhRMA code of ethics, FCPA, HIPAA, and OIG guidelines, she serves as the organization's expert on regulatory compliance issues and privacy.

Abigail earned a bachelor degree from Indiana University, majoring in psychology. She has been a contributor to FirstWord Pharma, Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, and Medical Meetings Magazine, and she is a former executive board member and vice president of the Indiana and Chicago Chapters of the Healthcare Business Women's Association.