Wendy ensures that VMS teams develop education and training programs that meet the strategic objectives of clients, with measurable results and the highest level of customer service.

Wendy has been with VMS since 2000 and currently holds the position of Vice President of Business Development. Serving in numerous positions around the company, such as Vice President of Client Operations, she was instrumental in the launch of more than 10 new educator networks and helped expand our customer experience center capabilities. Wendy today executes the design, implementation, and day-to-day management of educational programs designed specifically for each client. By incorporating market trends and working closely with other VMS teams to integrate appropriate services, Wendy helps create solutions that meet clients' needs.

Over the years, Wendy worked alongside key thought leaders, advocacy groups, and community organizations, creating trusting relationships that allow VMS access to insights into industry trends and unmet patient and health care provider needs. Because of her determination and innovation, Wendy has created a team that is customer-focused and effective.

Wendy received her BS degree from Purdue University. Her most cherished volunteer activity is participating annually in a community-focused Random Acts of Kindness Day, which provides help to those who need it, joy to those least expecting it, and encouragement for those to pay it forward.