Now, more than ever, patients and HCPs need support

During this Pandemic We Can Seamlessly Help

Transition critical education and communications to virtual channels

Address the rapidly increasing adherence challenges of patients as a result of reduced HCP access

Build a scalable and customized network of remote Clinical Educators

Pandemic Insights

During the COVID-19 pandemic, VMS has reached out to our Clinical Educators to gather insights directly from patients across the US and within multiple therapeutic categories.
A summarized PDF is available for download here.

What market dynamics have elevated adherence to the forefront of the conversation, and how should the industry respond? We've summarized the findings, insights and recommendations.
Patient Services Report

How We Do It

With 800+ Clinical Educators nationwide already equipped with the right technology, processes and compliance protocols to deliver communications from their own home, we can move quickly to deliver personalized communications to patients and HCPs.

Mobile Engagement

Clinical Educators connect through text messaging to provide refill and schedule reminders, health coaching, and resource referrals.

Video Chat

Our live video chat functionality facilitates easy access to nurses for questions, coaching and interactive communication.

Clinical Telephonic Support

Inbound/outbound clinical call center offering product support for patients and HCPs when they need it most.

Empowered Learning

Brand- and product-specific experiential learning modules enhance engagement, retention, and outcomes.

Core Competencies

For more than 20 years, VMS BioMarketing has utilized a remote platform for its telephonic and virtual nurse educator network in order to access best-in-class talent to deliver education, training and support to healthcare providers and patients.

1 million+ interactions, across 30+ therapeutic categories and 15+ specialty verticals

Proven 3rd party results and robust analytical capabilities

Industry leading compliance protocols and standards

Sophisticated technologies to enable educators to deliver highly impactful and personalized communications