Patient Support Solutions

The right connection can make a difference. We bring the voice of the patient to life, building trust and real connections that support behavior change.

Product Training

Product support and training to help patients start a new medication after the therapy decision has been made.

Disease State Education

Non-promotional education for patients or caregivers to increase awareness and knowledge, and discuss resources.

Adherence Programs

Addressing unmet patient needs at key milestones to address barriers to staying on therapy.

Home Health

In-home product administration and infusion services to support patients starting therapy.

Patient Connections

Patients with other patients, enabling them to share stories, experiences, and practical, real-life advice and support.

Clinical Telephonic Support

Inbound/outbound clinical call center offering product support for patients and HCPs when they need it most.

patient satisfaction

patients on therapy after 180 days

Case Study

Clinical Educators impact patient outcomes and improve adherence

Research showed that more than one-third of patients discontinued therapy within the first 90 days of treatment, and many did not even initiate therapy due to unaddressed questions and anxiety about how to start and manage the treatment regimen that had been prescribed by their physician.

We provide a personalized patient support program based on the patient journey designed to cover administration training, resource navigation, and goal setting to address unmet needs. The educational tools significantly improved the patient experience and positively impacted their adherence to therapy.

HCP Education

We connect HCPs to product support. Our Clinical Educators provide product support and training to HCPs to ensure they have the product knowledge necessary to effectively start patients on therapy after the decision to prescribe has been made.

Product Support

Product education to ensure HCPs have the necessary knowledge to effectively start a patient on a new therapy.

Product Training

HCP train-the-trainer education on the proper administration and treatment guidelines for a new product.

Pre-launch Awareness

Non-promotional education to support earlier diagnosis for at-risk patients in a new therapeutic area.

of HCPs stated training provided the knowledge necessary to ensure an effective patient start

increase in patient confidence to start therapy

Case Study

Product support to address knowledge gaps in therapy initiation

Research showed that HCPs lacked the product knowledge necessary to teach their patients how to self-administer a new therapy.

VMS Clinical Educators provided product training that helped HCPs better understand how to administer the new medication for the appropriate patients, creating greater awareness when needed most. We collected patient feedback and insights after each engagement to inform the provider of the education delivered and patient progress.

Clinical Trial Support

We have a patient-centric approach to clinical trials, utilizing Clinical Educators to identify and improve the patient experience.


We help identify and enroll qualified patients for your trial by engaging nurses to create awareness, answer questions, and build trust with patients to support enrollment.


With protocol compliance and consistency, our site training ensures investigators feel confident to train patients and empowers patients to successfully start on therapy.


We support timely study completion by addressing patients' clinical, emotional, and practical needs—ensuring adherence to protocol for your clinical trial.

investigators and site staff trained

of attendees reported they were more "confident to train study subjects"

Case Study

Improving phase III protocol compliance using Clinical Trial Educators

A client developing a novel injectable medication experienced challenges during phase III trials, when the delivery device resulted in a greater number of user errors than expected.

VMS developed and implemented a global, multi-level training program to ensure the consistent and proper administration of the medication by clinical trial site staff and enhance the user's ability to start and stay on therapy throughout the trial.

Problems we solve

  • Help me understand

    by providing the training needed to effectively start patients on therapy after it has been prescribed.

  • Empower me with

    the knowledge and confidence to manage my therapy on my own.

  • Teach me how

    to provide better patient education and set treatment expectations.

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